Thursday, September 18, 2008

Vendor Spotlight - Icing on the cake

Vendor Spotlight

I am going to start showcasing some of our top vendors on a weekly Vendor Spotlight blog post.  Being in business for 9 years in the Bay Area we have been able to work with so  many awesome vendors around. There really are some talented people here in the valley, you can find the best florists, cake makers and other vendors to make sure your wedding is the best!  To help all of you brides with your planning we are going to be writing a weekly vendor review on our blog.Icing on the Cake Cupcakes

To start it off I am going to write about one of my weaknesses….. my sweet tooth.  Normally I am a pretty healthy guy and like to eat well, but one thing I can never pass up is sweets.  There are a few really great cake makers that we have on our preferred vendor list and one of them that has been on my mind lately is Icing on the Cake in Los Gatos.  Ever since Tara’s wedding that we shot at the Cypress Hotel a few months ago I have been dreaming of their cupcakes.   They make great cakes but really, really good cupcakes.  I was too busy at Tara’s wedding and didn’t have time to grab a cupcake but saw them at a networking event at Villa Montalvo a few weeks ago and have to have 2 :)

Their cupcakes are true to the name of the business with lots of Icing, just how I like it.   And the other great thing about them is they are right on Main St. in Los Gatos so if you ever get a mid day sweet tooth head over for a nice cupcake (or tons of other sweets).  They do close early though (6:00 on weekdays) so get there early!  Writing this is making me too hungry so I have to go!

– Mark




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