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How to Create a perfect Wedding Album

How to Create a perfect Wedding Album

How to Create a Perfect Wedding Album

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Your wedding day is filled with so many beautiful memories and details that you spend months or years planning. So much is spent on every little detail from your flowers, getting the perfect cake to you and your bridesmaids dresses.

I know people have told you that after the day what is really left? Your wedding photographs are what you will have to remember
all of the wonderful details and emotions of your wedding day.

Your photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make in your wedding planning. Having a good photographer will make the difference of how well you remember all of those wonderful memories years down the road. A great photographer will be able to capture the essence of your day, bringing back all of the emotions and joy of your wedding.

With the changes in technology having a great photographer is only half of the story now. Your photographer not only needs to be a great photographer and artist but also be able to tell the story of your day with the wedding album. A photographer needs to have a strong sense of design so that your wedding album flows and really brings back the story of the day like a good book would. These days there are so many album choices! From the traditional to the contemporary, follow these simple rules to create an album that is uniquely you.

1. Start with a great photographer. I have people call me all of the time that have seen our albums and really want to get
an album like that, but aren't happy with the photo's. And after looking at all of the images sometimes we have to tell brides
that there isn't anything we can do with what they have, the photo's don't tell the story of the day and key parts are missing that
would make the book feel incomplete. Your album will be the one thing that you have once the day is over and should represent
a large part of your wedding budget because of that.

2. The most important thing to do is first view samples of actual albums photographers have created to make sure
that their style is in line with what you are looking for. Just as there are many styles of photographers each photographer or
designer has their own way of designing albums.

3. Make sure that the photographer or designer doesn't use templates to create the album. This will give you a very
impersonal feel to the album layout. We feel that you can't truly capture the story of the day by fitting it into
pre-designed templates. From every detail of the album, the background colors to the text should all represent who
you are and the essence of your wedding day.

4. Make sure you can have input. When we design albums, we will first choose all of the photo's for the album
and design it as we see fit. But once everything is done, we will then meet with the bride and groom to get their
feedback and make any necessary changes to the album.

5. Make sure the albums are bound with the best possible materials. Most album manufacturers that provide
top notch albums will have a lifetime warranty on their products. These albums will cost more than the cheaper alternatives,
however the cost is minimal since this will be a album to remain in your family forever. Remember the old adage,
you get what you pay for. This is definitely true with photography and wedding albums.

Remember, after the day is gone only your album will remain, a timeless story for all future generations to see.

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