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Oscars 2011: Share Predictions with Awards Hero : Product Reviews Net

Oscars 2011: Share Predictions with Awards Hero : Product Reviews Net

Review of Awards Hero Oscars Edition from Get the app here:

The 2011 Academy Awards are just over a week away, and an application is available that takes a look at the nominees and lets users predict who will win. Awards Hero: Oscars Edition 2.0 is available for owners of the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.
Released by AppEzzy, the app takes a comprehensive look at this year’s Academy Awards and lets users vote on who they think will win. With a beautiful interface and simple to use navigation, Awards Hero is great for all movie lovers to enjoy.
Once users have decided who they think will win, they can share their choices with friends on Facebook or Twitter. You can even create an Oscar pool to see who has chosen the most winners.

Awards Hero: Oscars® Edition has just been updated for the 2011 Academy Awards®. This comprehensive iPhone app takes a look at the 2011 Academy Awards ® nominees and lets users vote on their pick to win. You can also quickly create an Oscars® Pool and compete with your friends. With a beautiful interface and easy to use navigation this app is perfect for all movie lovers. Check out a little more about the app below.

Do you have what it takes to be the Academy Awards® hero? Think you can guess all the correct winners from the 2011 Academy Awards®? Awards Hero: Oscars Edition is the ultimate Academy Award app! View all of the 2011 Academy Award® nominees and vote for your pick to win. Share you votes with your friends on Facebook and Twitter and create a Oscar Pool to see who can pick the most winners. You can even view beautiful full screen trailers for the 2011 movie nominees and film info, all built right into the app.

Some other useful features in Awards Hero: Oscars Edition:

• Deepen your movie knowledge with our database of every past nominee and winner with our full list from the inaugural year in 1929 up to today.
• Live news feed to give you daily movie news. Don’t miss any entertainment news as we lead up to the Oscars.
• View trailers for movies all within the app.
• Share your picks on Facebook.



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