Friday, September 24, 2010

Digital photography tips and inspiration

A couple new posts from Digital Photo Buzz.

Today I wanted to share a video I came across about how to create a creative digital composite in Photoshop CS5. I think digital composites can be so interesting and Photoshop really is such a powerful tool in the creative process. With the ability to layer images over images and blend items together Photoshop really gives us as artists endless possibilities. There is so much detail you can weave into a digital composite and as an art form you can let your imagination run wild.

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Creating a creative digital composite receipt scanning review

Awhile back I reviewed a scanner that I have used for awhile in the office here for scanning receipts. Scanning all of our receipts has really save a lot of time come the end of the year tax time and also is very helpful when you need to find a old receipt for a warranty or other purposes. Every week we scan all of our business receipts into a program and categorize them. It gives a running total of amount spent in each category so I can always see how much we are spending on a certain category at a glance without having to open up quickbooks. This has been very useful to keep organized and helpful in situations where I need to find an old receipt. Awhile back I had to find a receipt for something I bought a few years ago for a warranty and by doing a quick search I was able to pull up the receipt scan and find all the information I needed. The only bummer about this system is it does take time to scan each receipt. If you keep up on it every week, I try but honestly sometimes a week turns into months and I have a stack of hundreds of receipts, it isn’t too bad but still take time. For most of you who are running a small photography business you probably only have 1 employee (you) so time is really your most important asset. In order to truly grow your photography business you have to be able to leverage your time and focus on what you do best… create art, while leaving some of the other tasks to other people. If you are going to pay a part time office person to just sit at a desk and scan receipts it can become pretty expensive.

10 inspiring photos of New York

I thought it would be nice to showcase 10 inspiring images of New York, which is still one of the leading cities in the world. Enjoy a few amazing images of the city that never sleeps. Do you have some great photos of New York? Share a link in the comments below.

Tribute in Light (2)

Sunset over the Brooklyn Bridge and Lower Manhattan, New York City

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