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Lots of new articles up on Digital Photo Buzz lately. Here are a couple of the most recent articles we have:

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And here is a little bit of our most recent article on "Opening yourself up to new things"

Sometimes I find it really interesting the journey life can take you on when you start to open yourself up to new opportunities. I know that change and new things can be hard to take on sometimes. We all get in our comfort zone and it’s hard to leave that place where we feel comfortable and take on something new. But when you open yourself up to new things you will be amazed how much you will grow.

As an artist I constantly get inspired to create new things. Sometimes it might just be creating a new type of image, doing something I have never done photographically. Sometimes it might be starting a new venture like this website was. My normal routine would be to get inspired start planning things out and then a little bit of doubt would come in and make me put the project on the side for awhile. After a few weeks it would be out of my mind and I would be on to the next thing.

Last year I finally came to the conclusion that failure really doesn’t matter. What other people think of me doesn’t matter and that fear and doubt shouldn’t make decisions for me. I told myself that if I got a vision to do something I would see it through completely. There have been a lot of things I have been doing this past year that all haven’t worked out the way I might have thought from the start but have been such an amazing experience so far. This website actually just began as an idea I had to give people that took my workshops a place to go and get some additional information. I thought I could add a tutorial a week and just give them something to keep growing after taking a workshop. After the first few weeks though other people found the site and I started getting more and more traffic from all over the web. I started posting more and more articles and more people kept coming. It turned into something so much larger than I would have ever imagined and I have some really good things to come later on for this site.

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