Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vendor of the week

From our new wedding blog at: http://www.wedclix.com/blog our vendor of the week:

Our vendor of the week is David from A Video Reflection (AVR). We had met David a few years back at some industry events and he came across as really a genuine good guy so I had to learn more about his videography. David has a passion for his work and capturing the spirit of a wedding day, he loves what he does and is great to work with at a wedding. He even shot my sisters wedding and did a fantastic job, everyone loved how he fit into the wedding just like he was part of the family.

Check our more of his work online at: http://www.avideoreflection.net/

A little more info on David:

the reason I love what I do ….
I love making brides laugh, cry and getting praises from my couples.

your wedding specialty …
Connecting with the bride, groom and family on their wedding day
and capturing moments in custom angles and views that mix fashion angles

best wedding memory …
Seeing a bride turn for the isle at Nestldown and seeing the groom for the 1st time, as her face expresses tears of joy as her father
conforts her hand on her arm.

favorite movie …
Mine are the ones I create and get emotional about. as I call my wife over to check each of them out.

last movie rental you watched …
The Proposal

where can you be found on days off …
The Beach surfing and relaxing, Bike riding or Swimming.

what superhero would you be …
Silver Surfer of course.

if I am typically craving something it is ….
A Milk Shake….any flavor.

fav song at a wedding (and least fav) …
Book of Love – Peter Gabriel

If you are looking for a great videographer give David a call!




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