Thursday, April 03, 2008

Wppi 2008 Award!!!

WPPI Award of excellence!

This is the first year that I missed our annual trek to Vegas for the WPPI show. This is such a fun convention, filled with thousands of wedding photographers from around the world, this year they were expecing over 10,000 photographers from all over the place!!!!!. We usually go every year and look forward to hanging out with some of our photo friends and seeing whats new in the industry. This is the first year out of the last 5 that I had to miss out, just too much going on to take a week off. I did submit a few prints into the annual print competition which I think is the best competition out there, some amazing photographers from all over the world competiting and it really raises the bar every year.

We just heard back from the competition and one of our prints were award a Accolade of Excellence again!!!
Here is the press release:


I am looking forward to another great year of weddings this year and aiming for more awards at next years convention!

Have a wonderful week!




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