Thursday, December 14, 2006

Cool website, trass the dress!

Cool website, trass the dress!

 I saw this on another blog and love these images so wanted to share the link with everyone.

A bunch of photographers started doing shoots after the wedding day.  Some brides don't know what to do with their dress once they wear it on the wedding day, they don't want to put it in a dress bag forever to be forgotten in the closet so they have a photo shoot doing all of the things they would have loved to do on the actual day but couldn't get the dress dirty.  So they went underwater, in the sand, dirt, etc... all to get some cool images that you just can't get on your wedding day.

Check the photo's out, some of the underwater one's are awesome:

If any of my past brides want to do a shoot like this let me know and we can set it up, I would
love to do some fun shots.  There are ton's of places around san jose we can go or even over to the beach in Santa Cruz.

Contact me for more info



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