Friday, November 10, 2006

Julie and Joe's wedding at the Presedio

Joe and Julies wedding

Here are a few shots from Joe and Julies wedding, they were such an adorable couple and all day long had a smile on their face.  Julie was just having a blast all day and you could see the joy beaming from her.  All of the family were such a pleasure to work with it really made for a wonderful day.

Here is Julie and her sister at the hotel:

There were 2 flower girls that were such cuties, here was one sitting in the church before
everything got started:

The ceremony was at the Lady of Peace in the Presedio, San Francisco.
Most of the guests were from out of town and were staying at the Hotel where the
reception was at (Hotel Monaco) so they had a trolley take the guests from
the  hotel to the ceremony and then back to the hotel.

As Julie was waiting in the bride room before I got a few shots of her waiting.
She has such a classic look to her I really wanted some dramatic detail shots that
gave a classic look to them almost an old hollywood look.  I captured some shots
that I just really loved:

Here is Julie and Joe coming out of the church:

We took some shots on the Trolley before the guests went back to the hotel:

After that we went over to Chrissy Fields and got some fun shots of them with the Brige
in the background and the city in the background, lots of fun stuff.

This was a shot at the presedio, just a little landscaped part in between some newer building they have:

And we ended the night at the Hotel Monaco downtown, it was a great night and I
thank Julie and Joe for having me be a part of the day.  I know you guys will have a happy
long life together:

-- Mark

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