Friday, October 27, 2006

Engagement Locations in San Francisco

Engagement Locations in San Francisco

There are so many beautiful places to shoot engagement photo's in San Francisco.  Here are a few  sites that really work well.

Palace of Fine Arts:
Wonderful Classic Architecture, provides a stunning backdrop for photo's.
Here are a few photo's taken from there, the palace of fine arts has a ton of possibilities for
photo's, these are just a few samples of some of the spots there.

Baker Beach:

If you are looking for a beach shoot with a wonderful backdrop baker beach is the place.   You can't get a better backdrop than the golden gate bridge.

Also if you walk over to the other side of the beach there are some very cool rocks to shoot
at that make for some really great photo's also:

Another nice spot for nature enthusiasts is Golden Gate Park.  There are a lot of very nice places to photograph at golden gate park, one of them is Stowe Lake which is a large lake with a very nice big waterfall:

Another spot with very cool architecture is the legion of honor (they also have some very good art so you can always get there before the shoot and enjoy a day at a nice museum)

The columns are always nice to shoot in:

And when in San Francisco you never know when the fog will roll in, but I think it can sometimes add a nice dramatic light to the photo's and give them a very soft romantic feel, here is the legion of honor in a very different light from the photo's above:

A few other places I would suggest are Crissy fields which is just on the other side of the golden gate from Baker beach, so you get a view from the other side and have some nice fields in the foreground.
Also the presedio has some nice older buildings that will give more of an edgy feel to them.

There are ton's of other places to shoot at in San Francisco I could probably write a book.  If you want people in them you can go down to fishermans wharf, the possibilities are endless.

-- Mark



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