Monday, August 21, 2006

I have a good reason for not posting!

I have a good reason for not posting :)

This time I do have a really good reason for not posting anything lately.  We finally took a real vacation (I count a real vacation as something longer than one night, and it has been awhile for Lisa and I)

I will post more later and share some of the wonderful stories of our Trip I have but first will just give a quick breakdown and then next week once I get settled back in will fill everyone in on the details.

A couple weeks ago we were talking about how we haven't taken a vacation in awhile and that we have to do something this year.  Looking at my schedule pretty much every weekend is booked from now until December so there really wasn't any time for a vacation.  The schedule for next year is booking up quickly as well, but I did have 2 free Saturdays (the last week of July and first week of August) with no weddings.  After looking at the calendar and my air miles balance one morning I told Lisa why don't we just head over to Europe for a few weeks.  She was just finishing 3 sales and was very tired from working a lot over the last few months so was excited to get out of town.

Since I have family in Switzerland and Italy, I just figured if we can get the plane tickets and give them a call, everything should be all good.  So we found a crazy 4 transfer plane ticket from here to Zurich, booked it and 2 days later were out of the states.

It was the best trip every and so many exciting things we saw.  We also traveled around a lot, here is the modes of transportation we took, just over the course of 12 days.

- 9 Trains
- 7 Planes
- 3 Taxis
- 3 Subway Trains
- 2 Boats
- 2 Cars
- 1 Bus
- 1 Tour Train
- 1 Tram
- 1 Scary 4x4 truck ride

We were in 15 cities total (counting the airport waiting)

Lots of photo's and I will share them all later.




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